"I have a few set scriptures that I tend to go for, but the Child Training Bible is so much more! It starts off showing you the scripture that deals with your child’s specific issue, then goes on into discussing how they can correct that issue.  It does take a little bit to go through and mark all of the scriptures, but they’ve outlined all of the scriptures in order, so it goes quite quickly. And, I really have to say it’s worth it to have that kind of knowledge right at my finger tips!"  Erica, blogger at Confessions of a Homeschooler

Jessica Thompson - Give them Grace

The Child Training Bible is a valuable resource that parents should have. The Dunn's have made using the Bible in parenting incredibly easy. You don't have to feel lost anymore as you try to think of a verse to share with your kids. It's all laid out for you, color coded and organized. It is important for our children to see that the Word of God has every answer we need to help in every situation of life. 
The Child Training Bible will help as you attempt to teach your children that very truth.

Bryan Schrank - Raising Godly Children

"I have not come across a more helpful tool when it comes to accessing scripture immediately when needed. It was easy to put together and something that will be used and hopefully passed down in our home from generation to generation. The CTB will not only revolutionize your parenting, it will change you and your children's hearts. "The Law of the Lord is Perfect reviving the Soul." (Psalm 19:7)"  

Desiré Cooper - When You Rise

"I often find it difficult to think clearly and biblically in the midst of a stressful and chaotic parenting situation.  I love that I can grab my CTB to not only help me train my children, but help ME regain perspective and clarity of thought as well.  I also love to pull it out when I catch my kids doing the right thing and enjoy watching them beam as I encourage them that they are following the Word and honoring God with their actions.  I highly recommend the CTB to every Christian family!"

Scott Bashoor - Senior Pastor - Bible Church of Buena Park

I am privileged to serve as a consultant for the Child Training Bible. I met Nathan and Mindy when they first visited my church in 2004, and I’ve watched their family grow in number and in the knowledge of the Lord. I was asked to examine the verses they had selected for the CTB to verify that they were in not taken out of context. It is so easy to use verses this way, and it is common to do so with the best of intentions. The verses selected for CTB have been chosen carefully. As you use CTB, remember that all verses are part of a larger context, and these contexts make up the even larger story of God’s redemptive work in Christ. I’m excited to commend to you the Child Training Bible, and I pray that it will be a useful Gospel tool in pointing your children toward a personal knowledge of Jesus.

Heidi Bashoor - Two by Two Art Studio - CTB Artist 

The Child Training Bible is the best tool I know of for helping my children and myself see directly what the Bible has to say about specific issues in our lives. I love Scripture, and have memorized multiple books, but when a specific problem arises, even I need help to find something applicable in a quick way. As a pastor's wife, I have seen many friends also need to direct their minds to what Jesus says, rather than repeating the same verse over and over.  When Mindy first came to me with her idea, I was so excited, I offered to come up with a logo design concept. My husband I had so much fun reviewing her verses and heart probing questions.  We've had the pleasure of knowing each other for years, and am so thankful for our friendship which has now blossomed into helping children around the globe grow in their knowledge of the Scripture. I'm  blessed with CTB to help train my daughters, one who is 2 and a half . She already knows 20 verses. When we need to address something, she already knows that I John 1:9 lets us know about confession and our times of discipline include instruction and training in righteousness. She also is having seeds of the gospel sewn in her heart with the gospel section of CTB which lets her know that Jesus did for her what she could not do out of a selfless love. (Romans 5:8)This selflessness which Jesus showed also is helping her begin to think about what kindness she can show to her baby sister, who is also helpless.  I use CTB not only in times of instruction during discipline, but each day during our lunch time, we review a couple verses on a topic which is needful to work on. We try to talk about what areas we could apply with  that verse.   It is my prayer that every mom and dad out there who wants to help their kids love Jesus, incorporates this useful tool along with their regular reading  of Scripture.