I am a homeschooling mom to seven 

I love the Word of God. 

I desperately desire to use more Scripture in training up my children for the Lord.  

There are many moments throughout the day that I want to speak a word of truth to direct my children.

I have tried biblical child training charts, verses on notecards plastered on the refrigerator and Bible memorization.  In all my efforts it seemed that something was missing, something that I now realize is absolutely essential.

    I must give my children a physical experience with the Holy Word of God.

    They must see the Bible.  Open the Bible.  
    Become familiar with the text of the Bible.

    Whenever there is a problem, I want to train my children to immediately run to      
    the Lord, seek His Words, and allow His truth to saturate the situation.

    Going to the Scripture chart on the fridge is…good.  
    Using Scripture notecards in my pocket during the day is…good.  
    Bible memorization is also very good. 

    Opening the very Word of God is…the best!

    So, I set out to make my ESV Bible accessible in the moment that biblical    
    instruction was needed. I have made a child training system that allows me to  
    be ready to reference Scripture that fits the moment and need of my child. 

   The Child Training Bible has totally changed my heart, my home and the way    
   my husband and I respond to instructional situations with our children. It is our    
   prayer that the Child Training Bible would help you teach the Scriptures      
   diligently to your children and that His Word would make your children wise   
   unto salvation.

   For His Glory,
   Mindy Dunn